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At PlusBlue, we provide our partners with top of the line portable, and customizable charging hardware and software solutions to keep mobile electronic devices fully charged and accessible… regardless of location or timing.
We enable you to offer a new, premium, and useful service that increases customer satisfaction, spending and return visits.

Our Solution Is Ideal For

Power as a SERVICE        Power as an AMENITY        Power as a LUXURY

The PlusBlue Solution


Allow Guests to HOLD the Power!

Eliminate guest anxiety from a dying mobile device by providing a high-quality portable charger that enables them to easily charge devices from wherever they are, whenever they need it.

By giving them the freedom of mobile power, our solution will allow your guests to experience all that your venue has to offer, and do what they came there to do!

Custom Branding Opportunities

Your logo beautifully engraved on our premium-grade chargers will make your brand that much more powerful!


Perfect for Everyone:

“Power as a Service” for Guests

"Power as a Service" for Guests

Customer/Client Thank You

Customer/Client Thank You

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Corporate Gifting

Corporate   Gifting

Retail Sales

Useful Amenity for Guests

Useful Amenity for Guests

Staff Resource or Incentive

Staff Resource or Incentive


Be in CHARGE of the Guest Experience

Distribute, store and recharge multiple portable chargers in a secure and customized cabinet for a fully equipped charging experience!

Customized packages can include:

Premium Grade  Portable Chargers

Premium Grade Portable Chargers

Branded Charging  Cabinet

Branded Charging Cabinet

Point-of-sale  Software

Point-of-Sale Software



On-going  Support

On-going Support

Supplies (Cables, signs, etc.)

Supplies  (Cables, signs, etc.)

Cabinet Highlights

  •  Compact and durable steel enclosure

  •  Houses state-of-the-art  universal USB hubs

  •  Pull-out drawer supports 24 chargers/devices 

  •  Locking door

  •  Securely bolts to a tabletop

  •  Cable storage

Custom Branding Opportunities

Each cabinet is custom branded to have your company logo prominently displayed.

Want to enhance your guests' experience?